Open the Borders

Borders should be open to all who would cross them peaceably, whether they are heroes or average folks. Embracing open borders means taking a leading role in the fight for human freedom. If you truly support the human rights inherent in every individual, you must recognize that a person’s rights are not dependent on which side of a geographic line they were born. The liberty and dignity of all honest people are uplifted when the liberty and dignity of immigrants and migrants is secure.

American workers, regardless of their birthplaces, stand to benefit from immigration. More workers means that more work can be done and more wealth will be created to go around. In housing construction alone, one may see physical labor being performed by immigrants, but the numerous workers of varying skills who make construction possible should also be seen: those who survey the land and mark out building lines, those who build and maintain machinery and vehicles, those who sell and transport materials, those who install utilities, and those who sell the property – and the immigrants in all of these enterprises should be recognized as well.

Those who are concerned that immigrants make lower wages should support immigrant and migrant labor organizing. Immigrants have put in massive contributions to the American labor movement, from the early eight-hour day campaigns to the Bread and Roses strike, to the West Virginia Mine Wars, and beyond. American workers today stand to benefit from organizing with each other regardless of birthplace.

As right-wing oligarchy becomes an international model of governance, it becomes even more important that the fight for liberty, justice, and dignity reaches across borders as well. Authoritarians want us to accept an identity based on excluding the foreign-born and other designated enemies in order to make us identify with the national elites who would loot our communities and lord over our lives. Don’t fall for this scam. Practice solidarity with your fellow liberators, not support for divisive authoritarians.

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