Time Flees

A lot has happened in the past couple of months.

I got married in September. It was a really good time. Helen and I have been together for ten years, and this was a great way to celebrate our love and enduring commitment to each other. We got married on a beautiful fall day in Rutgers Gardens and partied the night away with family and friends. I drank fresh Hunterdon County apple cider and ate some amazing cake that our friend made.

We then went on honeymoon in Greece. First a few days in Athens, which we both really enjoyed, then about a week in Santorini, a perfect place to relax after months of wedding planning. There weren’t any particularly challenging tasks in planning the wedding, but there are so many small things to do on a very concrete deadline while trying to accomplish all the other things going on in life. But it was worth it.

Things are calming down a little now.

I went on a couple of trips that I blogged at Head First, which continues to be a site of experimentation. I hope to update the blog format to something that is more accommodating to the collection of illustrated articles that Head First has grown into. And of course: do more history adventures!

My internship at the Hoboken Historical Museum is supposed to end soon, but I can’t say that it is winding down, because my roles at the museum are changing in exciting ways that aren’t exactly concrete at the moment. It is pretty cool to be a part of an institution with such an inspiring exhibit on Superstorm Sandy.

I also intend to do more history and outdoors writing for various outlets, and I do need to study and read more. Of course there is never-ending training and self-development. Some of my daily thoughts make it to Twitter, but I don’t feel the desire to do a play-by-play record of life.

So as the colorful autumn leaves are falling I have plenty to do. It is nice to feel like I’m moving forward.

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