Happy Winter!

wooden snowman

It’s officially winter here in the US, which means the days are actually starting to get longer, which means the Northern Hemisphere is getting closer to the sun – in other words, the solstice is here! Phil Plait has a nice explanation of the winter solstice at Slate.

I do like having a cold time of the year, and I hope to experience some cold days before spring. But I’m glad winter doesn’t last forever, and it’s easier to do things outside when there is more sunlight anyway. Also, after being in the dark for so long after Hurricane Sandy, it’s easier to understand why a mid-winter celebration of light was such a big deal for ancient people.

What I’m up to besides the expected holiday stuff, is the history adventure project Head First. Head First will continue to grow in the coming weeks, as there is plenty of interesting history to explore.

Best wishes for a festive midwinter!

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